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Scot Gresham-Lancaster's Discography:


20 years of recordings

"Orchestrate Clang Mass is an important new contribution to the body of American electronic music from the turn of the 20th century"

Orchestrate Clang Mass
solo work (2003 OCM publishing)

Live Interactive Electronics (1983-2001)

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w/ Chris Brown and Tim Perkis

( Sonore 2001) out of print



the HUB
download the first HUB album as MP3s
Artifact Recording (out of print)



wrecking ball
The HUB - wrecking ball
2nd HUB CD available from CDE

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Yearbook vol. 1

(Rastascan) Track 5 of a compliation.

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other destinations

GINO ROBAIR: Other Destinations

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nonstop flight

Nonstop flight w/ Deep Listening Band

Deep Listening Band, the HUB and others

Clubfoot Orchestra

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Various Collaborations

over the decade SGL has been involved in hundreds collaboraitons. Some of them even made it to CD

voys vol 1
Voys vol.1
part of Eric Belgum's compilation series available from Voys,

POBox 580547 Minneapolis MN 55458


NYX Axis Mundi w/Bert Barten

(Lotus) out of print


Hall of mirrors

ROOM: Hall of Mirrors

w/ Chris Brown,Larry Ochs,William Winant,

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Electric Rags
Electric Rags
with Alvin Curran and the Rova Saxophone Quartet

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Vol. 17, CDCM Computer Music Series

Chris Brown, Chain Reaction

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Talking drum

Talking Drum - Chris Brown

Live recordings of music for electronic network music ensemble juxtaposed with location recordings

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