Scot Gresham-Lancaster





Sat. June 16th 2012 Venice, Italy "Martian Time Slip -Gubbish Mix-" at HELICOTREMA festival Radio play with Sam Ashley and Veniero Rizzardi voice Technical assistance by Tomonori Yamasaki
Tues. Dec 8th 2011 Marseille, FR Concert for 2 guitars and electronics at Le Embobineuse "Culture of Fire" with Jean-Marc Montera Guitar Text by Kathryn Gresham-Lancaster Translation Ana Zappa
Mon Nov. 24 2011 Marseille, FR Solo Concert for piano/guitar/electronics at IMERA Performing his pieces "Extraordinary Rendition" "Times Remembered" and "Culture of Fire"
2011 Sept Cellphonia in D and G for David Gamper An open invitation for individuals that knew and loved esteemed musician David Gamper. Giving them an opportunity to leave a short sounding in his memory. Together all participants create a community memory of an outstanding composer and musician.
Sun Sept 11 2011 Cellphonia:9/11 Voices from around the country are heard as they give their heartfelt comments on this American tragedy. The opening musical piece in the marathon concert at Joyse SoHo on 9.11.11, proposed by Music After
Mon April 9 2011 San Francisco, CA Meridian Gallery: an evening featuring four solos, electronic works by Sam Ashley, Tom Bickley, Scot Gresham-Lancaster "Culture of Fire" and Tim Perkis.
Wed Jun 5 2010 Analogous Projects at Devotion Gallery Brooklyn, NY
Award: International Computer Music Conference ICMC2010 AI Selection
Received favorable reporting in the column Nocturnalist | Taking the Canvas Digital for the New York Times.
Nov 4-7 2010 HUB "Sounding the Net" at Sonic Arts Research Centre SARC -School of Music and Sonic Arts - Queen's University Belfast, IR
Mar 4-5 2010 Aix-en-Provence, FR "Remap (McCall.DEM)" performed at Seconde Nature, during Sonification (what, where, how and why), a symposium sponsored by Locus Sonus, LAMES, CRISAP (LCC UAL)
June 3-7 2009 Cellphonia: 4 min 33 sec as part of the 2009 NIME conference at Carnegie Melon Univ. in Pittsburg PA, co-sponsored by Harvestworks, NY,NY This piece is a tribute to the concept embodied in John Cage's landmark piece, 4 min 33 sec. It is a structural and aesthetic construct that is a formal expansion of the piece. Technology is used to examine the sounds around us, but also to include those parts of our personal sound scape that are augmented by technology, by the addition of the cellphone to our acoustic world.
Oct 2008 Cogswell College, Sunnyvale, CA Music Box 2 - Neural Network based Synthesizer working with Mark Holler and Forrest Warthman we are working to make an online sonic resource for sonic experimenters and educators that will give immediate realtime access to the ETANN (Electronically Trainable Analog Neural Net) Synthesizer develloped by Mark and Forrest for David Tudor in the 1990's
Fri Oct 17 2008 HUB, Stanford University. CCRMA
Wed Sep 10 2008 "Toyoji's Song" Data generated from Camalie Vineyard defines the musical gestures of this piece. In memory of our good friend - Toyoji Tomita Memorial Concert.
Tue Sept. 6 2008 HUB - Budapest, HU were featured performers Netbased collaboration in computermusics Utopia>Music in the Global Village researches technological and artistic domains that are made available in the interaction of humans and machines in networked systems.To this end, in 2005 the initiators Georg Hajdu (Hamburg, Germany) and Andrea Szigetvári (Budapest, Hungary) founded the EBE (European Bridges Ensemble) together, a platform for musical internet- and network-performances
Sat Apr 26 2008 HUB at the CEAIT Festival REDCAT, Los Angeles
Sat Apr 5 2008 Cellphonia:Tempo Variabile as part of the E.A.T. revisited conference at Stevens Institute in Hoboken, NJ, co-sponsored by Harvestworks, NY,NY sound performance with : Steve Bull accompanied by William Brooks, Phil Edelestien Hans Tammer.
2007 Nov. Stanford Palo Alto, CA - CCRMA Video design for "Telemaitc Circle Concert" The SoundWIRE ensemble Course@ performed a concert with Tintinnabulate at RPI (NY) and VistaMuse at UCSD. The program includes TeleCello Concerto, Water Naught and Three Ways.
2007 June Cellphonia: Wet with Steve Bull, Terese Svoboda at NIME 2007 a cellphone interactive sound/video installation. Visitors will experience a 6-minute 5-song looping vocals of naiads lamenting the loss of the world's fresh water with projected video accompaniment.
2007 June Deep Listening Convergence 3 concerts in Hudson Valley New York "Extraordinary Rendition" for solo piano, two mics, laptop and 4 channel playback ( "Giant Steps" in all 12 keys ) NYSCA
Wed Apr 25 2007 Solo performance at New Music South Bay Concert series San Jose State University, San Jose Calif. - "Etude before the Convergence" for piano and audio internet participants from two continents
2006 Aug 9-12 Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts (ISEA) San Jose, CA "Cellphonia:in the News" a locative-based karaoke opera cued and performed by the cell phone with lyrics daily RSS newsfeeds which generate both the score and moving images, available anytime anywhere small groups gather, and also allowing outside users to contribute as a remote chorus.
2006 March

HUB with concerts at NYU at Washington Square in NYC, NY at the Fredrick Low Theater
Lecture/performance at the Columbia Digital music center in NYC
3 days of seminars and a final concert at Wesleyan University Middletown, Conn.

June 25-29 2006

" Cellphonia makes News" working with Steve Bull and Tim Perkis we are developing a New York State Council for the Arts commision to create an Open Source Opera that uses the Asterisk PBX to prompt users to speak or sing specific cues that are then mixed with a precomposed score using csound. Perl is used to coordinate all the actions that link phone calls to a mySQL database and allow participants to retrieve the finished rendition of their "scene" via the web, podcast, or over their phone. Premiered at the Mobile Music conference 2006 in March at Brighton UK.

Wed Jun 7 2006 HUB at IRCAM, part of the NIME 2006conference
Mon Jun 5 2006 HUB at Centro d'Arte in Padova, Italy
Sat Jun 3 2006 HUB 3 day seminar at the Institute of Musical Studies Conservatory of Music "GF Ghedini" in Cuneo, Italy.
Mon Nov 21 2005 HUB, at the Kunsthochschule fur Medien in Cologne, Germany.
Wed Nov 16 2005 HUB at the Hochschule fur Musik und Theater in Hamburg.
Sat Nov 19 2005 HUB at Cuba Cultur performance space in Muenster.
Fri Nov 18 2005 HUB at the README 100 festival in Dortmund, Germany.
Wed Nov 16 2005 HUB at Club Paradox, Tilburg, the Netherlands.
2005 Oct "Sedimental Journey" Pauline Oliveros with Stuart Dempster perform a SEDIMENTAL JOURNEY! with Pauline in Troy in the iEAR Studio at RPI and Stuart in Seattle at the DX Center, U Washington and the duo appearing on screen in the concert hall on the Songlines Series at Mills College Oakland CA
Sat Sep 10 2005 Network Music Workshop at the International Computer Music Conference ICMC in Barcelona, Spain
Sat Aug 27 2005 HUB at San Francisco Electronic Music Festival.
Thu Jun 23 2005 Perkis and Scot Gresham-Lancaster in duo at STEIM, Amsterdam.
Sun Jun 19 2005 HUB in Berlin. Residency and performance at singuhr horgalerie.
Fri May 26, 2005 Opening act of the New Instruments for Musical Expression conference
in Vancouver, BC @ University of British Columbia AB_Time III Tri-location performance over the Internet in Marseilles, FR, Troy, NY and Vancouver, BC Tomie Hahn dancing in Vancouver
Thu Apr 28 2005 Performance at the "Black Swan" in Tivoli, NY with Pauline Oliveros, Brenda Hutchinson, Kathy Gresham-Lancaster
2005 Jan

<<AB_Time II >> Tri-location performance over the Internet in Marseilles, FR, Troy, NY and, Oakland, CA January Jan. 25 (26) 19:00 UTC ( 8:00 PM FWT - 2:00 PM EST - 11:00 AM PST) with Pauline Oliveros, Skalen / artistic group in Marseille

Sat Nov 13 2004 HUB, Dutch Electronic Arts Festival DEAF, Rotterdam.
Sat Feb 28 2004 Empire Ultra Extravaganza, w/ FUZZYBUNNY. The Lab, 2948 16th Street, SF, 8pm.
2004 May The Big Sur Experimental Music Festival 2004 Sound/Shift and The Anais Nin Video & Film Diary Festival
2004 March

Retrospective of the Music of Joe Catalano with Pauline Oliveros, Fred Frith, Toyoji Tomita, Tom Dijl, Ron Heglin, Marianne McDonald, and Wendy Burch at the Mills Library rare books room

2004 Feb. "Empire Ultra" with FUZZYBUNNY, the wig band, Guilermo Gallindo, Laetitia Sonami, and others
2004 Feb. "100% Tax on All War Profit" a solo concert at the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco with video Artist VJ Love
Oct 2003 Internet2 performance event <<AB_Time>> between CSUHaward, CA and the Montevideo Performance Center in Marseilles, France with Jean Marc Montera, Patrick Laffont (video) and Michelle Ricozzi (dance)
Fri Sep 26 2003 FUZZYBUNNY, along with Harris Eisenstadt Trio (Harris, perc), Bill Horvitz(guitar) and myself, 21Grand, Oakland.
Sun Sep 21 2003 "musicface" with Steve Di Paola New Forms Festival 2003: Inter[sec/ac]tion: A convergence of music, new media and art; Vancouver, BC
Wed Sep 10 2003 Tom Dill/Tim Perkis duo, 21Grand, Oakland.
Sat Sep 6 2003 FUZZYBUNNY, Somarts Cultural Center, San Francisco.
Sun Aug 10 2003 'Interminacy', with Tom Dill, the Jazzhouse, Berkeley.
Jun 2003 "Das merkwïrdige nere Leben des dunklen dunklen Fliesches: für nicht deutschsprchenden Ausf¸hrenden und technogischen ¸bersetzer mit Electonik" narrated by Alex Bendahan with Marc Paaping and Sam Ashley at mex: Kunsthaller Dortmund and Cuba-cultur Munster, Germany
2003 Apr "Peerings": with Pauline Oliveros, June Watanabe, and Brian Lonsway;
A collaborative Internet2 performance between vocalists, musicians, dancers, designers, and audience members exploring the mediated space of live internet performance. Performers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY and Mills College in Oakland, CA performing in a common visual and acoustic space by virtue of the high-speed internet
Wed Oct 23 2002 -- KZSU Radio, Stanford 'Day of Noise'performance w/ Tim Perkis
2002 Oct. Internet2 performance event at USC and CSUH - multicast worldwide; Cultivating Communities: Dance in the Digital Age Exposition: "Calpurnia's Dream Obscured" by Movement with Pauline Oliveros, June Watanabe, Bill Thibault and Jay Rizzetto
Sat Sep 28 2002 -- FUZZYBUNNY at New Langton Arts, SF; part of Post-Glamour Summit 2002.
Sat Jun 1 2002 'Sounding the Margins', Pauline Oliveros Festival, performed '13 Changes (for Malcolm Goldstein)', with John Bischoff and Chris Brown, all on computer. Lorraine Hansberry Theatre, SF.
Fri May 31 2002 'Sounding the Margins', Pauline Oliveros Festival, sound design and installation
Sun May 12 2002 FUZZYBUNNY, SFAlt Festival, at 21 Grand, Oakland Sunday May 12.
Tue Apr 2 2002 FUZZYBUNNY at the Black Box, Oakland CA
Oct. 2002 Cream Clad Hump: variations musicales sur le souffle vÈritablement mauvais du rrose selavey for 32 musicians, chorus, and electronics. A contiguos performance event by Scot Gresham-Lancaster of the musical works of Marcel Duchamp and dedicated to Duchamp by John Cage, at CSUHayward for the opening of the Marcel Duchamp International Exhibition
Sat Dec 15 2001 FUZZYBUNNY at club matrix, oakland ca 11/2001 Sonore FuzzyBunny European Tour, November 2001. Nine performances in Paris, Nantes, Limoges, Pau, Barcelona, Marseille, St.-Etienne, Toulouse and Bordeaux.
Sat May 19 2001 San Francisco Electronic Music Festival -- FUZZYBUNNY, and panel. Cell Space, SF.
Oct. 2001 SGL's Hot Flaming Skull at Acme Warehouse, Berkeley
Sun Feb 25 2001 -- Fuzzybunny at TUVA, Berkeley.
July 2000 "incubator:how2gather" at HyperWerk in Basel, Switzerland
and CSUHayward, USA with William Thibault, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Iren Schwatz,
Kathryn Gresham-Lancaster, Sam Ashley (NY) by phone
Fri May 26 2000 - w Marianne Macdonald and Kattt Sammon, 2310 Telegraph, Oakland.
Sat May 20 2000 -- ROVATE festival, with Rova Saxophone Quartet, George Cremaschi, John Schott.
Sun Mar 19 2000 -- Opus 415 festival, Fuzzybunny,. SF.
June 2000 "The very important (NOW)" with Sam Ashley and Bill Thibault at the ≥Garden of Memory≤ walk though concert at the "Chapel of the Chimes" Columbarium Oakland, CA
Wed Dec 15 1999 FuzzyBunny (Chris Brown, Scot Gresham-Lancaster) at Starry Plough, Berkeley.
Fri Dec 10 1999 "Millenial Wrapup" concert with FuzzyBunny, Chris Brown, John Bischoff, Tim Perkis, Abbie Conant, Tom Nunn. Art Rattan, Oakland.
1999 June solo "Martian Time slip" Logos Foundation, Ghent
1998 Dec. solo "5 tones for Slonimski" Il Pianoforte Macchina Padova
1998 Sept. with Chris Brown "Hsu-Feng" directed by John Zorn
Sun Dec 14 1997 HUB Artifact Recordings night, plus solo perf. Beanbender's
Fri Nov 21 1997 HUB - Points of Presence, multisite internet piece Phoenix AZ, Valencia CA, Oakland CA.(h)
Fri Apr 18 1997 HUB -In Residence, Arts in the Village - A Celebration of Arts
and Technology at Georgia Tech, Georgia Center for Advanced Telecommunications
Technology (GCATT) Auditorium Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia.
Wed Jan 15 1997 w/Eugene Chadbourne, Venue9, San Francisco.
1995 November The HUB, Here Comes Everybody; Interdisciplinary Conference and Festival on Cage's Contributions to Twentieth Century Culture
1995 May solo performance High Tides Festival, The Intersection, San Francisco
Mon May 29 1995 Scot Gresham-Lancaster's Hot Flaming Skull. With Tim Perkis, John Bischoff, Chris Brown, Joe Catalano, Dave Ziegler, Beanbender's, Berkeley.
1994 Oct. "Shofar" Merkin Hall NY with Alvin Curran
1993 September "Variations XII" with the HUB and Bill Thibault (visuals) in memorium for John Cage at Mills
1993 June "Rova/HUB", &quot;Indoor Barbecue&quot;, San Francisco/Oakland
1993 May HUB Academie der Kunste, Berlin
1993 May HUB Moers New Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany (h)
1992 October "The HUB" and "Songlines" two day installation and performance with Bill Thibault at the ICMC International Computer Music Conference San Jose.
1992 June Solo concerts - STEIM, Amsterdam-LOGOS Ghent-Centro d'arte dell Universit di Padova
1992 June Moers festival with Rova Saxophone Quartet and Alvin Curran
1993 May HUB Moers New Jazz Festival, Moers, Germany (h)
1993 May HUB Academie der Kunste, Berlin
1992 May HUB Free University of Brussels, Belgium.
1992 May HUB Institute of Sonology, Royal Conservatory: The Hague, Netherlands.
1992 May HUB Stichting Logos, Ghent, Belgium. (h)
1992 May HUB - Het Apollohuis, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
1991 February "Allegory of the Beached Whale" Oct. Electronic Music Plus Festival, Mills College
1991 May Rova saxophone quartet with Alvin Curran "Electric Rags" at Life on the Water, SF
1990 March "Room", Taktlos Festival in Bern, Basel, and Zurich, Switzerland
1990 March "Room", Sala dei Giganti al Liviano, Padova, Italy.
Thu Sep 7 1989 Live radio computer network piece "Hub Renga" the HUB w/ Ramon Sender. Performed live on KPFA.
Thu Mar 16 1989 Berkeley Remote: live radio piece, KPFA radio, Berkeley. (w/Philip Perkins)
Fri Mar 10 1989 performance, Installation Gallery, San Diego (s)
Sept. 1989 Rova saxophone quartet with Alvin Curran "Electric Rags" at Life on the Water, SF
Sun Oct 1 1989 HUB Mills College, Oakland
Sat Sep 16 1989 : CageFest SF; perf "Fontana Mix" Cowell Theatre, Fort Mason. (h)
Thu Sep 7 1989 Live radio computer network piece "Hub Renga" the Hub w/ Ramon Sender. Performed live on KPFA.
Thu Mar 16 1989 Berkeley Remote: live radio piece, KPFA radio, Berkeley. (w/Philip Perkins)
Fri Mar 10 1989 performance, Installation Gallery, San Diego (s)
Fri Dec 2 1988 HUB @ University of California, San Diego.
Sat Nov 5 1988 HUB @ New Langton Arts, SF.
Tue Nov 1 1988 HUB @ LACE, Los Angeles.
Sat Oct 15 1988 Robotic "Whackers" as part of "Tim Perkis and Friends" SF Art Commission Gallery, "Outside Sound" series.
1988 Apr. HUB Stichting Logos, Ghent, Belgium. (h)
1988 Apr. "Room", Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach, Calfifornia
1988 Apr. "Room", April in Santa Cruz, Univ. of California/Santa Cruz.
1987 Nov. "Room", Stedelijk Museum for VPRO Dutch Radio, Amsterdam.
1987 Nov. "Room", Stadtgarten, Koelner Gesellschaft fur Neuer Musik, Cologne.(h)
Mon Jun 1 1987 performance at the Clocktower gallery and Experimental Intermedia Foundation, New York. (h) 12/1986 Noise Nacht 12, with Zero Chat Chat ( John Bischoff and Mark Trayle.) MCS Gallery, SF. 10/1986 Network Music Band Festival, the Lab, SF. (w/John Bischoff)
1986 Dec. "Room", Soundwork, Seattle, WA
1986 Dec. Room, The Western Front, Vancouver, Canada.
1985 Oct. The Network Muse Festival, The Lab, San Francisco
1984 Oct.

Duo concert &#8747; 10th anniversary New Langton Arts, San Francisco shared with Richard Povall

1984 April Solo performance Mills College
1983 Oct. Intersection for the Arts &#8747; Interlok and Sexus with Kathryn Gresham-Lancaster
1979 June Otis Art Institute ∫ Nihilist Festival
1978 June Los Angeles Contemporary Improvised Music Series ∫ Interlok